Childcare Services


We accept children ages 3 thru 12 years old and we are open Monday through Friday from 6:00am to 6:00pm. We have a large facility with an equally large playground. We have an OUTSTANDING REPUTATION and our goal is to be the "BEST". We pride ourselves in being very flexible and dependable. We are only closed for major holidays or acts of God that are out of our control (such as the wind storm that we had in 2002).


Our Center

Our facility consists of 3 classrooms and a large outside playground. We are certified for up to 69 kids at any given time, but try to average no more than 65. The classrooms are designed to be very similar in style and have an open concept so that we can use them for a variety of activities.


What We Teach

We teach basic biblical truths such as God Loves Us and Be Kind To One Another. We do not teach any doctrinal information (a particular religious belief) because we leave that up to the parents. We monitor all movies and materials that are used at our facility and our DVD player takes out offensive language. While we only watch movies for special occasions, when we do watch one, we make sure that it is rated G or PG and that we feel it is appropriate for all family beliefs.



We offer flexible scheduling and we only charge you for the time that you actually use as long as you let us know about any changes to your schedule ahead of time. We currently charge $4.25 per hour with a maximum of $175.00 per week (anything over 41 hours) per child. We do have a flat monthly rate if that works better for you of $700.00 per child due at the beginning of each month. We also offer a 20% discount for all siblings (1st child reg rate - all other children discounted) and we also offer a 5% disocunt to all first responders. We do not require a deposit or enrollment fee so there is no up front costs to you and we even offer a FREE TRIAL DAY so that your kids can check us out and you can make sure that you feel comfortable with us at no cost to you.


Snacks and Meals

We are required to follow the USDA guidelines so all snacks and meals served will meet or exceed their requirements. We provide breakfast and all snacks as well as milk at lunch and parents provide the lunch.

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