Preschool Classes


Our preschool is open to the public so we have many children that attend for both preschool and childcare and we have some that attend only for preschool. Any child that is at our facility between 8:30am and 11:30am is part of the preschool and there are no additional charges. We have two classes for preschool: Pre-K class (4 and 5 year old) and Young Learners class (2 1/2 to 4 year old).


What We Teach

Along with the traditional preschool curriculum such as art projects, colors, letters, numbers, shapes, songs and basic writing (alphabet, name and numbers), we also teach basic biblical truths such as God Loves Us and Be Kind To One Another. We do not teach any doctrinal information (a particular religious belief) because we leave that up to you. We also include some basic sign language and real simple Spanish along with some basic story skills by allowing the kids to help create a story using the words that start with the letter they are studying for that week (the preschoolers love this one and the school kids love to read what they have created when they get here after school).



We offer very flexible scheduling as well as a fun filled atmosphere.  We use a monthly reservation form for you to mark down what days and hours your child will be at our facility. You can pick the schedule that you want for your child and if you ever need to change it, all you have to do is grab a new form and fill it out, give us a call or let one of our staff know. How easy is that! Some parents pick 5 days per week, some pick 3 days per week, others pick 2 days per week while others pick a schedule that might change from week to week but matches their work schedule. Some parents even have their children stay until 12:15pm so that their child can eat lunch (provided by you) with the other kids or stay through quiet time so they can go to that unexpected appointment.An example would be if your budget is tight, you can sign up your child from 8:45 to 11:15 instead of 8:30 to 11:30 to help keep the cost down.

No other local preschool is able to offer the flexibility in scheduling that we can. We always remind parents that the more your child is here the more they will learn, but everyone has to make decisions on what is best for their child and their budget. We created our own curriculum so that we could make sure that each day is independent of the next day so no matter if a child comes every day, a Tuesday and Friday or any other combination of days, they will not miss out on the important learning opportunities for that week.



We offer flexible scheduling and we only charge you for the time that you actually use as long as you let us know about any changes to your schedule ahead of time. If your child is at our facility for only Preschool (8:30 - 11:30), the cost is $3.25 per hour. For children that is at our center more than just Preschool, we charge $3.50 per hour with a maximum of $140.00 per week (anything over 40 hours) per child and we do offer a discount for siblings. We do not require a deposit or enrollment fee so there is no up front costs to you and we even offer a FREE TRIAL DAY so that your kids can check us out and you can make sure that you feel comfortable with us at no cost to you.


We don't have a monthly rate for preschool because we want all of our clients to get the best deal possible and to only pay for the time that their child(ren) are actually here. These are estimations of the cost of having your child attend preschool here as a monthly amount merely so you can compare our prices with other preschools and are based on our rate of $3.25 per hour. The estimations are based on a 3 hour per day preschool class and 4.33 weeks per month so just keep in mind that this would be the most that it would cost and more than likely it would end up being less than this most of the time (depending on how you set up your child's schedule up).


2 Days Per Week - $84.44

3 Days Per Week - $126.65

4 Days Per Week - $168.87

5 Days Per Week - $211.09


Snacks and Meals

We are required to follow the USDA guidelines so all snacks and meals served will meet or exceed their requirements. We provide breakfast and all snacks as well as milk at lunch and parents provide the lunch.


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